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Welcome to 12 Month Installment Loans

Welcome to 12 Month Installment Loans! We specialise in arranging loans with prolonged repayment duration. With us you can find loans that are easy to apply as well as repay. So, tell us your needs as well as repayment ability and we will put our best to help you find the right loan deal for you by lender you trust.

Any UK citizen who is currently employed and hold an active bank account can rest assured of an approval through us at 12 Month Installment Loans. Anyone who can meet these simple preconditions can apply for 1 year loans and get enough cash assistance with repayment tenure of one year.

If you are not sure if you can repay back a loan all a time can without any apprehension apply for our matchless loan services at 12 Month Installment Loans. Extended repayment tenure will let you pay back the borrowed money at your own convenience. No matter what unforeseen expenditure you are facing, you can easily deal with it by applying for short term cash loans.

Any cash crisis ahead of payday can be easily bridged with payday loans over 12 months. With us at 12 Month Installment Loans there is no need of pledging any collateral or faxing any documents to qualify for any of our loan services. Any UK citizen who is employed and hold a valid bank account can without a second thought apply with us.

At 12 Month Installment Loans you can find us round the clock at your service. Apply with us and get the cash you need right away!